no (melissa_argh) wrote in corrigators,

Homeless but still loved...

Hey everyone. I really feel the love in this community, or the hate for the evil Smith housing system... whatever. Anyway I'm Melissa from Yonkers, NY. I'm a homeless '08 Smithie and it feels really nice to know I'm not alone. It's really depressing shopping for dorm stuff and not actually having a dorm. I love pirates, hence the username, and at one point had a large, hot-pink, skull and crossbones flag in my room. Since we all seem to have some kind of weird food preference, I like to put mustard on everything. I also consider pickles to be their own food group. I enjoy hugging people until they get really annoyed and using foul language in front of children and the elderly.

P.S. I have a tent to live's a little bit more waterproof than the cardboard box and I'm more than willing to share.
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