dancingmeg (dancingmeg) wrote in corrigators,

I have arrived in NoHo

And it's BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, if you guys have ANY frivolous spending money, may I strongly suggest:

There is a store on the main drag of Northampton called Ten Thousand Villages (right next to a store called "Essentials" and...a CVS Pharmacy I think). So, you walk into Ten Thousand Villages, and directly to your left, there will be a table, on top of which there are LLAMA STATUES complete with fur. The smaller one is $11; the larger one is $20. Yes, I know, we're poverty-stricken college students who shouldn't be spending $20 on llama statues. Nonetheless, I now own one of my very own. I shall name him Dexter. And I strongly suggest you hurry your little selves over to Ten Thousand Villages to pick one up.
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