dancingmeg (dancingmeg) wrote in corrigators,

In a few short days we shall be roundevoiz-ing

I'm sure I botched the spelling on that one. Anyway, it seems we're all taking off for our headquarters (also known as "Smith") pretty soon, and I have a few things to say about that:

1. I do not believe any of us are officially homeless anymore. It is our good fortune that many of us are in close proximity to one another AND the library. I, for one, shall be busy creating some sort of sound "code" involving "dashes" and "dots" so I can bang on my ceiling/Emilie's floor. Hmmm...I shall dub it "morse code".

2. How shall we recognize one another? I could do my part by wearing my ridiculous and sinister lime green and black-striped shirt. No really, I own one. It's not as hideous as it sounds.

3. Is anyone else EXCITED??? Or nervous? I'm a little of both. Well, really nervous, but pretty optimistic. Can't wait to meet my corrigators, though....really, being serious here for a second, you guys have no idea how much fun I've had being part of this and how much you've improved my outlook on Smith.

See you soon, aye?
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