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duties in the Corrigator cause...

Wasting time as usual, I was poking my nose around the internet, and lo! I actually found something neat.  It's a generator for one's cyborg name.  Everyone should participate in this very entertaining activity.  It will give you your duties.  Try nicknames and full names as you frequently get different results.
I am M.A.R.T.H.A., or Mechanical Android Responsible for Troubleshooting and Hazardous Assassination.
Please post your results here so that we can figure out how to best use your functions. 

In addition, while I am posting here, I would like to announce that we now have another method of brainwashing/distracting the opposition in the form of Hanson (Janel came up with this one!!).  I will also have a translation for the video Tunak Tunak Tun within days. Most likely it will be shown at our first meeting as I depart in 3 days.

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