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it is, by no means a perfectly orchestrated blend of pictures, but i threw it together this morning and thought i should share.

and missy wench, here....

and my second attempt at her.

i'm going to have another go at it with a picture of a pirate wench (since most of us ARE women), but that one likely won't be as easy to do, so it may be a while...enjoy, darlings!

edit: pirate wench is finished, although i'm not as happy with her. the scale is off, i think. i may try to play around with her some more and get the llama smaller. eh, i'll see how it goes...i also have some pictures of llamas from when i last went to the zoo...i may try my luck with those as well....and if anyone has any pictures of pirates, ESPECIALLY if they are facing to the left or the right (it doesn't matter since i can easily flip them), then post them here or send them to the e-mail addy on the info!

edit 2: alright, the link at the top will take you to all three pictures...i have mixed feelings about which girl i like better...i think the scale's better on the second, but i prefer being able to fit more of her in the picture. there are more things i can play with sizewise, so that i could probably get the best of two worlds, but that would also reduce the QUALITY of the picture. right now i'm off to babysit, though i'll be back tonight. *love to all my fellow corrigators*
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