no (melissa_argh) wrote in corrigators,

Homeless but still loved...

Hey everyone. I really feel the love in this community, or the hate for the evil Smith housing system... whatever. Anyway I'm Melissa from Yonkers, NY. I'm a homeless '08 Smithie and it feels really nice to know I'm not alone. It's really depressing shopping for dorm stuff and not actually having a dorm. I love pirates, hence the username, and at one point had a large, hot-pink, skull and crossbones flag in my room. Since we all seem to have some kind of weird food preference, I like to put mustard on everything. I also consider pickles to be their own food group. I enjoy hugging people until they get really annoyed and using foul language in front of children and the elderly.

P.S. I have a tent to live's a little bit more waterproof than the cardboard box and I'm more than willing to share.
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Melissa, I'm so glad you joined! I was getting kinda worried that I had freaked you out! You are perfect for joining our cult! Excellent good! I haven't started shopping for dorm stuff..I can't shop for an imaginary dorm. Or while keeping in mind an imaginary roommate. Once we take over the library (the first conquest after Em's speakers) we'll have more than enough room. Using a tent is a good idea! But the cardboard is so much more pathetic....hmmmm...

mustard is yummy!
hells yeah it is! Ever had it on pickles? Mmmm, mustard on pickles tastes like eating a hamburger with pickles, except minus the hamburger. And the bun. And the ketchup.

Welcome, Melissa!
ooooo, my uncle lives in yonkers!!!