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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
7:24 am
dear corrigators,

as it is nearing the end of the year and, i am sure, we all are looking for "productive" ways to procrastinate, i have decided that, in the interest of cheering everyone up, everyone should find a good picture of a llama and/or a good picture of a pirate to amuse everyone else.

-your (rather negligent) prez
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
10:38 pm
dear corrigators...

i miss the old days. let us pine for being expectant pre-firsties.
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
12:19 pm
Pirates have commandeered Morris House. It's quite thrilling. Now we just need to get llamas.  Hmmm...
Well, you can definitely see my pirate flag flying from my window (it's the one facing green street). I would encourage you all to purchase pirate flags and hang them out of your window.  Arrrrrrrrrrrg! I'm off to plunder and pillage!
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
4:22 pm
corrigators like food. or at least, I do.
The corrigators will have weekly meetings over dinner at 6:30 in Tyler every Tuesday.  Please come.

::loves Smith::
Friday, August 27th, 2004
6:39 pm
I have arrived in NoHo
And it's BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, if you guys have ANY frivolous spending money, may I strongly suggest:

There is a store on the main drag of Northampton called Ten Thousand Villages (right next to a store called "Essentials" and...a CVS Pharmacy I think). So, you walk into Ten Thousand Villages, and directly to your left, there will be a table, on top of which there are LLAMA STATUES complete with fur. The smaller one is $11; the larger one is $20. Yes, I know, we're poverty-stricken college students who shouldn't be spending $20 on llama statues. Nonetheless, I now own one of my very own. I shall name him Dexter. And I strongly suggest you hurry your little selves over to Ten Thousand Villages to pick one up.
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
8:11 pm
In a few short days we shall be roundevoiz-ing
I'm sure I botched the spelling on that one. Anyway, it seems we're all taking off for our headquarters (also known as "Smith") pretty soon, and I have a few things to say about that:

1. I do not believe any of us are officially homeless anymore. It is our good fortune that many of us are in close proximity to one another AND the library. I, for one, shall be busy creating some sort of sound "code" involving "dashes" and "dots" so I can bang on my ceiling/Emilie's floor. Hmmm...I shall dub it "morse code".

2. How shall we recognize one another? I could do my part by wearing my ridiculous and sinister lime green and black-striped shirt. No really, I own one. It's not as hideous as it sounds.

3. Is anyone else EXCITED??? Or nervous? I'm a little of both. Well, really nervous, but pretty optimistic. Can't wait to meet my corrigators, though....really, being serious here for a second, you guys have no idea how much fun I've had being part of this and how much you've improved my outlook on Smith.

See you soon, aye?
1:03 am
duties in the Corrigator cause...
Wasting time as usual, I was poking my nose around the internet, and lo! I actually found something neat.  It's a generator for one's cyborg name.  Everyone should participate in this very entertaining activity.  It will give you your duties.  Try nicknames and full names as you frequently get different results.
I am M.A.R.T.H.A., or Mechanical Android Responsible for Troubleshooting and Hazardous Assassination.
Please post your results here so that we can figure out how to best use your functions. 

In addition, while I am posting here, I would like to announce that we now have another method of brainwashing/distracting the opposition in the form of Hanson (Janel came up with this one!!).  I will also have a translation for the video Tunak Tunak Tun within days. Most likely it will be shown at our first meeting as I depart in 3 days.


Current Mood: giggly
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:05 am
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5707844/site/newsweek/ WOO!!! SO COOL!!! check out the second one down...maybe they have, like, group rates or something....
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
10:33 pm
i have a new song for us!!!!!

"walk the llama llama" by rascal flatts. ok. so i've never actually HEARD it...but here are the lyrics.

i'm going to be a good kid and actually figure out a possible time for all of us to chat since you were all so good as to leave your info...so check back! i'll probably just do it as an edit!
Thursday, August 5th, 2004
9:49 am
for all of you wonderful people who have not yet introduced yourselves....GO FOR IT! NO NEED TO BE SHY!!! besides, i'm sneaky like that and want to know who everyone is. i was also thinking that it might be fun to have a chat with a bunch of us (at the same time *gasp*) sometime, SO, if you could reply to this post listing your SN(s), when you're most likely to be online, and what time zone you're in (this one's important, children), then we'll work out a time to get together and collaborate!!!

my stuff:
-AIM: scribibber (which most people seem to have. although yahoo and msn are so much better. you should all download those instead.) yahoo: themsie, msn: evil_dna@hotmail.com
-most likely to be online between 8am-2pm m-f and 9:45-the wee hours of the morning every day of the week
-central time (although come fall, we'll be EST here in my lovely state. don't ask. i don't understand either.)
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
3:29 pm
YAYNESS!!!! I just wanted to let all ya'lls know (you are the very first ones) that I have finally, finally, finally, finally gotten my room assignment. I am no longer a homeless Smithie (but I will not give up the cause!!!)!!! I am in Morris House, Room 411 or something of that nature. My roomie is Diana Larry from Washington, D.C. I am still resolved on world domination! Yay!!

Martha, No-longer-homeless-Smithie-at-large

Current Mood: pleased
2:28 am
fellow corrigators...i have just found out that a friend of mine used to OWN a llama. which is, without a doubt, THE SHIT. apparently, when llamas are clean, their fur is just about the softest thing EVER. we need to own a llama. or sponsor one maybe. i don't know if such things are done. but if they are, we should do it. GOD llamas are cool....
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
8:16 pm
Addenda to our first post...
Since Em ever so cleverly whipped up our first post, there has been much scheming and deliberating about our cause.  So here are the addenda we have concocted for your reading pleasure and our demonic satisfaction...

ITEM 5 - It has been recently called to the Society's attention that there are many ninja fans out there and that pirates on llamas can surely not travel everywhere on the planet. Ergo, the Society has recruited ninjas to help with its world conquest.  Initally, there was some questions about what the ninjas should ride, but the Society has ultimately decided that tricycles are suitable methods of transportation.  Hereafter, ninjas riding tricycles will be part of the official Corrigators Doctrine.

ITEM 6 - The Society's leaders, after much deliberation, have selected two colours as the official Corrigators colors.  These colors are lime green (because it is ridiculous) and black (because it is sinister).  These colours will be well represented throughout the Society, and one such representation of these will be the lime green and black streamers placed on the handlebars of the ninjas' tricycles.

ITEM 7 - In order to achieve world domination, it is absolutely necessary to begin conquering many places/areas/things as soon as possible.  Your fair, intelligent, wise, beautiful, clever, and charming leaders have begun the list of things the Society will conquer in the very near future.  These are as follows:
Em's speakers, which have been behaving inappropriately

Janel's computer for its misconduct last night (2 August 2004)

The Library at Smith College (please see next item for a further explanation)

A local ice cream parlour (or an acceptable substitute)

Once the majority of the Society members arrives at Smith in less than a month's time, we will begin to set these plans into motion.

ITEM 8 - The Society has decided that the library is an excellent place to begin taking over the world for several reasons.  First, it is of a good size, which will be make it a convenient place for setting up base.  In addition, it will provide a building where homeless Smithies (and others) can move in.  It also gives an excellent place to store the Society's llamas and tricycles and for Erin to keep her critters.  A library also has many books (good for research and entertainment), as well as having computers (a definite plus).  Finally, libraries are pretty damn cool.  That's enough of a reason.

ITEM 9 - In order to get others less willing to join our Society of Northern American Wool Carders, it is necessary to brainwash them.  So far, one method of brainwashing has been developed.  This is the video Tunak Tunak Tun (Indian pop is hilarious).  You may view this video here.  One of Martha's friends has actually made a "translation" of this video which involves llamas.  Once the Society is in possession of said translation, it shall be posted here.

Those are all the items for now.  If you have something to add, suggest, comment, or question, either deal with it or post it here!

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11:07 am
my first attempt at a pirate riding a llamaCollapse )

i'm going to have another go at it with a picture of a pirate wench (since most of us ARE women), but that one likely won't be as easy to do, so it may be a while...enjoy, darlings!

edit: pirate wench is finished, although i'm not as happy with her. the scale is off, i think. i may try to play around with her some more and get the llama smaller. eh, i'll see how it goes...i also have some pictures of llamas from when i last went to the zoo...i may try my luck with those as well....and if anyone has any pictures of pirates, ESPECIALLY if they are facing to the left or the right (it doesn't matter since i can easily flip them), then post them here or send them to the e-mail addy on the info!

edit 2: alright, the link at the top will take you to all three pictures...i have mixed feelings about which girl i like better...i think the scale's better on the second, but i prefer being able to fit more of her in the picture. there are more things i can play with sizewise, so that i could probably get the best of two worlds, but that would also reduce the QUALITY of the picture. right now i'm off to babysit, though i'll be back tonight. *love to all my fellow corrigators*

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9:40 am
just a thought, children...inspired by erin...there's got to be a zoo SOMEWHERE close to smith (boston? i mean, boston can't be TOO hard to get to...and they have a zoo, right?)...we should TOTALLY go there sometime to visit the llamas.
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:47 pm
Hey all.

I'm Paige, I'm an '06, and I know exactly where I intend to live this fall (Tyler 214!). However, that doesn't mean I'm not sympathetic to your cause. Especially when your cause includes pirates and llamas and putting men in eyeliner.

In fact, we like to do a lot of that sort of thing in ssffs. So I'll be looking for you all when school starts.

So yes, I'm here to help, and I'm even on Smith campus right now, so if you want me to leave flaming bags of sh complain to housing (I know Randy Shannon's assistant!), let me know.

Current Mood: melancholy (not your fault)
8:31 pm
My turn!
Following Em's lead, I'll introduce myself now, so open your deadlights (hehe, pirate slang)!
I'm Martha, and you can assign me any nickname you like  or go with Martha. Hmmm...about me...I hate these questions.  I like to read and write. I'm a huge lord of the rings fan (the books above all else), harry potter fan... I currently reside in Knoxville, TN, but I'm not a southerner (and I don't have an accent, but I did promise dancingmeg that I would assume a southern drawl for a small portion of time).  My food oddity...oreos and peanut butter? yum. I dunno. I'm a pretty normal eater. I do like foreign food.  The best meals I've ever had were at friends' houses where I had real arabic and indian food. I'm a big latin dork (anyone else?).  I'm a math dork too. Calculus has got to be the best damn stuff ever.  I miss school.  Yay for Smith (except the housing department).  Hmmm... I guess that's it on me!

7:17 pm
Homeless but still loved...
Hey everyone. I really feel the love in this community, or the hate for the evil Smith housing system... whatever. Anyway I'm Melissa from Yonkers, NY. I'm a homeless '08 Smithie and it feels really nice to know I'm not alone. It's really depressing shopping for dorm stuff and not actually having a dorm. I love pirates, hence the username, and at one point had a large, hot-pink, skull and crossbones flag in my room. Since we all seem to have some kind of weird food preference, I like to put mustard on everything. I also consider pickles to be their own food group. I enjoy hugging people until they get really annoyed and using foul language in front of children and the elderly.

P.S. I have a tent to live in....it's a little bit more waterproof than the cardboard box and I'm more than willing to share.
2:19 pm
well, me harties, i SHOULD introduce myself, shouldn't i? although i do believe most of you know me already. i'm em, or emilie, or emily, or, hell, whatever you want to call me is fine as long as you tell me first. i am, as you may have noted already, one of the founding members, along with marthathegreat and jigsaw_puzzled of this glorious society. i am QUITE the fan of llamas and pirates alike, and cookies too! you can be assured i have sold my soul (to, er, myself) in exchange for the cookie. yes. they really are that good. what else? well...i have a very eclectic group of friends, including many from beyond the boarders of the nation, which should really tell you a lot about myself (i.e. that i am a mutt in every way, drawing from personalities and language of everyone i know!). i enjoy a good sense of humor and have a flare for evil plotting. if you're DYING to know more, feel free to check out my personal lj or my photobucket site. in the near future i should be cutting together one of the pictures of dear florie (the llama with which erin has so graciously provided us) and a picture of a pirate so that we can have our own nice little pirate-riding-a-llama emblem. if anyone has any suggestions for things we should do/things we need/really anything at all, feel free to post!

yo ho ho and a bottle of love...
10:06 am

Many thanks to headlessqueen for help with my profound imbicility with regards to internet stuff.


And now the pics!Collapse )

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